These are some of the food products we make here in Loreto

Organically Grown Pickled Okra

Okra grown in Loreto? YES!!

Our pickled okra is very popular with our guests, and can be used anywhere you would use a dill pickle. Besides being super-healthy, it’s delicious!

Try it in your next Bloody Mary!

Mango Chipotle Chutney

Our guests love this chutney!

Every year mangos are plentiful here in Loreto, and we take advantage by making this awesome tasting chutney.

Try it with your favorite food to add a tropical, sweet and slightly spicy flavor!

Smoked Yellowtail

We love yellowtail! And this is becoming one of our favorite food products.

We use only the freshest fish, hand cut, cure it with salt and sugar, and smoke it. The result is the highest quality and most delicious smoked yellowtail you can buy!


Micro-Batch Beef Jerky

Like jerky? We make great jerky.

It’s made using the best meat, marinated with brown sugar, soy sauce, and spices. No liquid smoke, We use a smoker and cure the meat naturally with a bit of hardwood smoke.

Many tell us it’s the best jerky they’ve ever had!